About Us

Sébastien Sans Gluten aims to serve pastries and bread that are as close as possible to the original product. Sébastien’s creations are so divine that you would be forgiven for thinking that you’ve been whisked away to a French patisserie.

Having trained in Paris in the late 90s, Sébastien then worked his way through the hospitality industry throughout Europe, from a-la-carte to small boutiques to bigger scale projects. Whilst working in London, he fell in love with an Aussie and they decided to relocate to Sydney.

Gluten has always been a fundamental component of Sébastien’s pastry making and when the challenge presented itself for Sébastien to work in a gluten free kitchen, he jumped at the opportunity. Since then, he has continued to work on understanding the gluten free world and the science behind it.

Sébastien Sans Gluten has been years in the making and we can’t wait to share his creations with you. His favourite part of developing and serving gluten free food, is seeing the reactions of his customers who cannot believe that it’s gluten free.

Sébastien describes gluten as being like chewing gum because it encloses the air and makes things light and fluffy. In the absence of gluten, there is no air captured in the dough which removes the stretchiness and lightness. He uses a range of techniques and ingredients to overcome this challenge in order to make the impossible possible.

Sébastien believes that baking is a universal pleasure that should be enjoyed by everyone, and at Sébastien Sans Gluten everyone can do exactly that!